Ella Cooper

About Ella Cooper

(NOTE: My last photo was posted on May 2007, since then I have continued to take dance photographs and work with some truly amazing dancers and performers. I am currently working on a website where I hope to post a portfolio of my current work in the near future http://www.ellacooper.com . The following bio was written quite some time ago, but it represents why I decided to have a dance photoblog when I first began photographing dance.)

In a nutshell, after graduating with a BFA in New Media (with a minor in Photography) I worked in the television and film industry for a couple of years before directing my career towards the celebration and promotion of the arts. During this time I only occassionally picked up my camera until last year when I began working for a dance company and discovered a love for dance photography.

This photo blog is my way of getting feedback from YOU and trying to develop my abilities further. I welcome your thoughts, tips and perspectives on the work I post for this blog.

Have a great day!

(Please contact me via this blog if you would like to display, distribute or copy any of these images. It is important that my name and that of the dancers are credited on all photographs. Thanks.)